Caladium hybrids at Aroidia
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Caladium hybrids

Caladium hybrid pic 1

A few years ago we did some research on Caladium breeding and decided to try our hand at it. Our first attempt was successful, but the plants resulting looked just like ones already available on the market. In 2005 we did a whole series of crosses and obtained hundreds of tiny seeds! Unfortunately, 2005 was the year Katrina and Wilma wreaked havoc upon us and all the little seedling trays were overturned. We salvaged many of the seedlings, but lost the parentage information in the chaos. Besides, all the seedlings, when small, are green, so with no tags and no colors to go on, we knew we had a grab bag.

In 2006 they became large enough to begin showing colors, and in 2007, large enough to show their "true colors". So at this time we decided to post pictures of some of what results were obtained. Even though Caladium hybridization has been done for over 100 years, we feel we have obtained some unique specimens. Of course, we're biased, so judge for yourself!

Caladium hybrid pic 2

Some of these plants have leaves where the colored portions are translucent, making them a little like stained glass. We think we might have a series we can call the "Stained Glass Caladiums".

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